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Wedding Trends in 2023

Trends are just that, still, it is interesting to see what people are asking for aesthetically, noticing their design choices when they’re ready to plan their wedding day.

Here are a few design ideas trends happening now:

  1. Greenery & Glow This coming wedding season we will see the rise of greenery-centered design plans. While flowers are a focal area for certain, greenery will come to the forefront as brides consider new ways to work in greenery backdrops (think boxwood). And even tablescape ideas that are less traditional like succulent centerpieces for example, and thoughtfully introduced plants mixed with flowers.

  2. Layering Linen Romantic touches like beautiful linens offer a classic style updated with personal preferences for texture, color nuance and arrangement. Design Flower Fairy predicts a renewed interest in selecting personal linens to add to the table decor. This choice may include layering fabric, overlaying chargers, runners and adding depth to the table. The use of linens will play off and show up the chosen centerpiece style!

  3. Mix & Match High and Low Candles Ambience in playing with candle height is a theme of wedding decor in 2023. Side note-be sure you know your wedding venue’s regulations on candles before purchasing. Many historic sites have specific rules on candles. I highly recommend Yummi Candles, In my experience, they are the best candles! Wedding day tip; wait to place your candles in the glass holders until you are on site. This prevents smudging on the glassware.

  4. Bouquet Charms One of the favorite things I have noticed recently is brides deciding to use charms in their bouquet. Charms not only add a beautiful piece of small artwork to the bouquet, but also carry significant personal meaning. By adding a charm, you are literally carrying a special jewel and the spirit of someone you love down the aisle with you. I found this use of charms to be moving. I have had the honor of adding these charms on two recent bouquets. More information coming on how to order one or gift one to a bride you love.

  5. Photo Story Tables Another trend is setting up a ‘Photo Story’ table. This is an area where guests can view personal family photos and connect to other milestone events in the bride and groom’s lives. I love the idea of having the Photo Story table set up at the rehearsal dinner, setting a lovely tone for the wedding day.

Stay tuned for more in 2023!



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